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Certainty of Outcome

Today, we are sharing with you a direct but important message about the uncertainty that a rejection of our final offer would create for you, your students, and the college system. We know that OPSEU is encouraging you to reject our offer. They claim that a rejection will force CEC to give more. (This is the same message they gave about a vote in favour of strike.) Unfortunately, this is not the case. The Final offer is the best offer we can put forward. There will not be a further offer.
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Certainty for Coordinators

Coordinators play an invaluable role in supporting students across the college system. We recognize that coordinator duties will differ from program to program. Our offer provides certainty for those in coordinator roles and those considering coordinator roles by requiring duties to be written down in advance.
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An offer with zero concessions

The employer final offer does not reduce any existing terms and conditions of employment.
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Certainty for Advancing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Uncertain Times

OPSEU and CEC agree on the need for a committee to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion. We disagree on how to action the committee's findings. OPSEU wants arbitrated decisions. The CEC wants to come to consensus.
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Vote Yes for Certainty in Uncertain Times

The focus of our bargaining team has been on tabling an agreement that provides you with certainty in uncertain times.
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