February 2024 Newsletter

February 20, 2024
News and Updates


In this edition of the CEC newsletter, we recognize two Colleges named National Capital Region top employers, provide an update on the Bill 124 appeal, part-time support staff bargaining and the status of full-time academic collective agreement.

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What's going on?


Colleges Named in 2024 National Capital Region’s Top Employers Bill 124 Appeal

Two Colleges have been named in this year’s National Capital Region’s Top Employers 2024. Employers are compared to other organizations in their field to determine which offers the most progressive and forward-thinking programs.  This designation is based on eight criteria: Workplace, Work atmosphere and social; Health, financial and family benefits; Vacation and time off; Employee communications, Performance management; training and skills development; and Community involvement.

Congratulations to Algonquin College for making the list for an 11th consecutive year and La Cité for its 13th year in a row on this list.

To learn more about what make them top Ottawa employers visit

In 2019, the government implemented Bill 124, the Protecting a Sustainable Public Sector for Future Generations Act. The bill limited compensation for public sector employees to 1% per year for a three-year moderation period. This bill limited bargaining compensation with all three unionized groups in the Ontario Public College sector. In November 2022, Bill 124 was rendered null and void by the Ontario Superior Court. Last year, the CEC met with all three College unionized groups to negotiate a mutually agreed-upon remedy, providing an additional 6.5% increase on top of the 3% they all received under Bill 124.

The Ontario government appealed the Ontario Superior Court decision, and in February 2024, the Ontario Court of Appeal agreed with most of what the Ontario Superior Court had decided. Most of Bill 124 has been declared unconstitutional and found to substantially interfered with collective bargaining rights. The Government has indicated that it would immediately repeal the remaining portions of Bill that the Court of Appeal had determined to be constitutional.

This means no changes will occur in the College sector based on this new decision.

Bargaining Update

Part-Time Support Staff

The CEC and Part-time Support Staff met the week of Monday January 29 – Friday February 2, 2024, to negotiate a new collective agreement. Throughout the week, the parties engaged in open, honest dialogue on non-monetary demands and proposals. The current collective agreement expired on January 31, 2024. It will remain unchanged and in effect until a new collective agreement is reached.

The parties will meet again next month to continue negotiations.


Full-Time and Partial-Load Academic Employees

We are pleased to announce that the 2021-2024 Academic collective agreement is officially finalized. English and French versions are available on the CEC website.


Other Updates

Sun Life is the insurance carrier for certain employee groups in the college sector. Sun Life is pleased to introduce Lumino Health Pharmacy, provided by Pillway. This is a free, optional service which all Ontarians can access, regardless of whether you are entitled to insured benefits through your work.

This service gives you easy access to pharmacists for medication and coaching. There’s even free delivery within Canada, to help you manage medication routines with confidence.

Lumino Health Pharmacy helps you get advice easier and faster. If you are taking a maintenance medication, it aims to help you by:

  • Increasing access to pharmacists
  • Improving health literacy, and
  • Simplifying your medication routines.


There is also diabetes coaching:


  • Coaching focusses on lifestyle, diet, nutrition, mental health, health literacy and medication management.
  • The pharmacist can also coordinate with other health-care providers (if requested by you). This includes general practitioners, specialists and dietitians.

Almost half of Canadians require maintenance medication to treat chronic conditions. About 50% don’t take their medications as prescribed. Maintenance medications treat chronic conditions and are usually taken for three months or more.

More Canadians are turning to pharmacists for health care advice. Visit the Lumino Health Pharmacy website to learn more. The service is available via mobile and web, 24/7. Go to the Lumino Health Pharmacy (link) or download the app for iPhone and Android.