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Correcting CAAT-A Misinformation: Response to Warren (Smokey) Thomas

Last week, CEC received a letter from Smokey Thomas, President of OPSEU regarding the ongoing labour dispute with academic employees. We would like to correct a number of misperceptions and misinformation. Our below response to Smokey includes CEC’s formal response addressing the following matters: College communications, Work-to-rule and the SWF, the reality of introducing terms and conditions, bargaining and next steps.
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Your Right to Choose Regarding Work-to-Rule

As we move into the new year and the new term, we recognize the right of CAAT-A to call for labour action. We also want to underscore the rights of employees to participate in that action or to choose not to do so.
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Management Bargaining Update December 17

As the fall semester comes to a close, we acknowledge how difficult it has been.
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OPSEU CAAT-A Strike Vote: 59.4% of Ballots Cast Support College Strike

Today, the CEC initiated the introduction of the following terms and conditions of its proposal to improve working conditions for individual employees.
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Strike Vote Results

The Ontario Colleges have always been committed to ensuring labour stability for all members of the college community-- faculty, staff, and students alike. 
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