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Management Update November 24, 2021

The College Employer Council Continues to Bargain with Revised Offer
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Letter to OPSEU regarding CAAT-A Team’s Communications

The following is a list of some of those false and/or misleading CAAT-A Team statements.
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Comparison Chart of CEC and CAAT-A Team Offers of Settlement

A comparison chart of CEC and CAAT-A Team offers of settlement created on November 19, 2021
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Management Update November 18, 2021

Conciliation has ended and bargaining between the College Employer Council (CEC) and OPSEU CAAT-A team representing full-time and partial-load faculty, librarians, and counsellors has reached an impasse. Today, the CAAT-A team presented their bottom-line proposal and let the CEC know they are unwilling to move any further on key issues.  The CEC has asked for a No Board report as a result of the CAAT-A team’s insistence on maintaining demands that the Colleges cannot agree to.
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Management Bargaining Team Update November 11 2021

CAAT-A Team Rejects Conciliator Request to Maintain Blackout CEC Keen to Continue Confidential Bargaining
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