Management Bargaining Team Update September 24, 2021

September 24, 2021
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Mediation – The CEC Embraces the Chance for Dialogue

Management Bargaining Team Update September 24, 2021

The CEC management team welcomes the CAAT-A team’s suggestion for mediation. For the past three months, both parties have met at the table and exchanged proposals. Despite our best efforts to engage the union in full and frank discussion, the CAAT-A team has not answered our questions and not engaged in any authentic dialogue. We are hopeful that a mediator causes that discussion to occur.

Mediation can help identify whether the CAAT-A team is prepared to moderate its demands, as management has, in order to conclude a collective agreement in the best interest of the students, employees, and greater College community.

We embrace the potential this opportunity has to allow both parties to put their long lists of demands aside and engage a mediator to assist in settling with a few changes that address joint concerns. We look forward to receiving the CAAT-A team’s without prejudice settlement proposal so that a mediator can assist us in finding common ground.

Today, we offered three possible mediators who are available to work with both parties immediately. We have asked the CAAT-A team to get back to us today on our proposed mediators so that we can start the process without delay. We continue to be committed to avoiding a strike and negotiating a settlement as quickly as possible.