Management Bargaining Team Update November 11 2021

November 11, 2021
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CAAT-A Team Rejects Conciliator Request to Maintain Blackout

 CEC Keen to Continue Confidential Bargaining

This week the College Employer Council (CEC) and the OPSEU CAAT-A Bargaining team representing full-time and partial-load instructors, professors, counsellors, and librarians resumed negotiations under mutually agreed-upon communications blackout.

Substantial movement has been made on both sides, but rather than continue that momentum, the CAAT-A team has chosen to end the blackout shifting their focus away from concluding a deal.

We expect the formal appointment of a Conciliator to occur on Friday, November 12, 2021. Today, in advance of conciliation meetings, the CAAT-A team and CEC team were asked to continue a communications blackout in order to preserve optimal conditions for concluding a collective agreement. The CAAT-A team rejected the Conciliator’s request to return their focus to concluding a collective agreement by maintaining the communications blackout that has been in place.

The CAAT-A team presented a revised settlement offer that removed many of their unlawful demands and provided a path towards potential settlement. The CEC built on the CAAT-A team’s revised settlement as the basis of its counter-proposal which accepted many of their demands. The CEC proposed alternatives along the path to a settlement that the CAAT-A team had started. We believe that with more work, out of the public spotlight, a deal could be reached in a matter of days.

The CEC urges the CAAT-A team to reconsider the Conciliator’s request and return to the table with us under the blackout.

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