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July 07, 2021
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July 2021 


It's officially summer and while parts of the College sector wind down, bargaining continues.
We are pleased to announce that the management bargaining team concluded negotiations last month and has reached a tentative agreement with the Part-Time Support bargaining unit. By bargaining with the theme 'A Future Together' we will continue to work with College employees to unite in providing students with high-quality education in a strong College sector.
Read more on upcoming bargaining below.

What’s going on?

CEC News

MCU Update

The CEC website has a brand new case studies section. This month, you can learn more about how the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) simplified the status of teachers throughout the Ontario College system. While full-time professors are easy to identify, for the non-full-time group, it can be confusing to know who’s who or what’s what, but there is one simple rule that can be used to determine the status of someone who teaches in the Ontario College system.  Read more.

With the province entering Step 2 of re-opening on June 30th, the government has revised the regulations that impact college operations although requirements for physical distancing still remain. These new regulations should allow colleges to expand in-person programming. From Colleges Ontario reading of regulation 263/20 (Rules for areas in Step 2), the key changes from Regulation 82/20 are:

  • Removing the stipulation that institutions can only provide in-person teaching for subjects that require it (e.g., clinical or trades training);
  • Increasing the number of students permitted in an instructional space to 50 persons for indoors and 100 for outdoors.


Bargaining Update

The College Employer Council has negotiated a tentative agreement with OPSEU/SEFPO Part-Time College Support Staff

After two days of negotiations, the College Employer Council (CEC) has struck a tentative deal with the CAAT-Part-Time Support Staff. This new tentative contract provides the Colleges, its part-time support staff, and students with much-needed stability after the unprecedented times' everyone faced throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic.

"The CEC is optimistic that by bargaining with the theme 'a future together', we can continue to foster and grow a positive employer-employee relationship that puts students' needs first," said CEC CEO Graham Lloyd. "The fact that both bargaining teams were able to reach a tentative agreement after only 12 hours at the table shows the collective dedication to creating a positive working relationship at the Colleges."

Details of the tentative agreement won't be released until OPSEU/SEFPO's members in part-time college support have had a chance to review. The date of the ratification vote will be announced soon.

In July, the Colleges will be once again meeting with OPSEU/SEFPO at the table to negotiate the CAAT-A Full-Time and Partial Load Academics collective agreement which expires on September 30, 2021.

"We look forward to continuing the positive momentum of a future together, working collectively to ensure students are a top priority as we strengthen the College system," said Lloyd. "Huge thanks to the teams on both sides for their hard work on negotiating this agreement."

CAAT-A Full-Time and Partial-Load Academic Bargaining

This month, the College management bargaining team will meet OPSEU CAAT faculty (made up of professors, librarians, and counsellors) virtually at the table to start negotiating a new collective agreement. We are optimistic that by bargaining for #AFutureTogether,  employers and employees can join in putting students’ needs first.

The College Employer Council News and Updates newsletter will increase in frequency as updates in bargaining are required. Stay tuned.

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