Certainty for Coordinators

February 09, 2022
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Certainty for Coordinators

Management Bargaining Update February 9, 2022


Coordinators play an invaluable role in supporting students across the college system.

We recognize that coordinator duties will differ from program to program. Our offer provides certainty for those in coordinator roles and those considering coordinator roles by requiring duties to be written down in advance.

Our final offer provides certainty for coordinators by ensuring:

  • Coordinator duties are documented in writing in advance.
  • Coordinators decide what’s reasonable for them.
  • Coordinators duties are voluntary.
  • Faculty have the right to accept, seek to revise, or decline a coordinator position.
  • Coordinators can revisit the documented duties and role on a regular basis with their manager.

Voting “yes” on our final offer will help provide coordinators with the certainty they deserve so they can continue to support our students. You can learn more about the management offer here.

I encourage you to support management’s offer so that we can bring the certainty you, your colleagues, your students, and your colleges deserve in these uncertain times.



Jeannine Verdenik (she/her)

Executive Director, Organizational Effectiveness

Confederation College

CEC Bargaining Team